How Responsive Web Design Aids Your SEO Strategy

People are using more than just a desktop or a laptop to access websites on the internet. The popularity of tablets and smartphones has been on the rise, which means that these devices are increasingly used to browse the internet. With responsive web design, websites are now becoming more adaptive to the different screen sizes, software and interfaces that are being used. It accounts for many differences like pixel resolution, font size, touch interface versus click interface, Adobe Flash support and many other such issues that may arise while using tablets or smartphones.

Many organizations across the United States like Bobs SEO in Las Vegas, an organic SEO company for small businesses include designing a responsive website as part of their service to drive internet traffic. This list will show you why it is critical to include responsive web design into your search engine optimization strategy:

1. Better experience: A website which has a uniform design and navigation when accessed by any device would undoubtedly provide a better experience to a user than a website which is designed with only a desktop in mind. The more comfortable users are while browsing through your website, the longer they are likely to stay. This result in a lower bounce rate, which helps you rank higher in Google’s search lists.

2. Higher rankings: Search engines would generally suggest websites which are more compatible to a user’s device than other sites. Have a responsive web design automatically gives you an edge when catering to an audience which uses may different devices.

3. Reduced loading times: A website which takes lesser time to load is a preferred suggestion over other websites. Websites created for mobiles generally take lesser time to load, giving them an edge in mobile searches.

4. More reliable links: If you create different websites for different platforms, you risk duplicating content. With responsive website design, the links that point to the desktop version of the website are the same as that which point to the mobile version. This makes your links much stronger and effective, something that would be appreciated by the search engine’s algorithm.

As it takes much more time and effort in maintaining different websites for each platform, it is evident that responsive website design is here to stay. By including this practice into your search engine optimization plan, you would ensure that users would experience a consistency when they approach your website, and this helps you to improve the image of your brand.

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